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Dec 13

Unconditionally by Katy Perry

Katy Perry is basically perfection. And this music video is basically perfection.

Let’s ignore the cliched owl, the ‘girl on fire’ dress and the what-I’m-hoping-is-not-a-reference-to-staying-in-an-abuse-relationship burning bed, and the clip is just stunning.

Perfectly costumed and art directed, the video for Unconditionally is so visually enticing you almost don’t realise you’re basically listening to the word “unconditionally" on repeat.

The use of slow motion actually adds to the emotion of the video and fits perfectly with the song - a rare feat in that slow motion can often have a jarring and distancing effect on a viewer if not used well.

As well as stunning choreography, the clip also promotes a (somewhat limited but at least it’s in there) diverse display of different types of love. And not just hetero and homosexual; but also between mothers, children, and siblings.

The CG car crash scene is decidedly beautiful and I am delighted to, at no point, see any company logos.

But it’s truly the ending of the clip that is the best part. That which questions the entirety of it’s preceding images and the nature of the lyrics themselves. Car crashes, bodies floundering under water, beds burning, hands being torn from each other, flowers on car bonnets like a hearse. Even Katy’s soulful, hopeless glances to camera. And for those few closing seconds, we’re reminded, rather cynically, ‘unconditionally' may not be as romantic as it sounds.

Jul 11

This Man’s Brighter Days by Abe&Tell

I love this clip. It’s not fantastically produced and the poor boys haven’t even put the title of the song in the title of the video. But, other than that, I love this because it is original. And you can see the hard work that has gone into this.

It’s so easy these days to make a video in a plain studio space, or a tour diary/live show video, so it’s nice to know that a little, unsigned band from Sydney can create not only one but TWO impressive music videos.

There’s the first one-take video that is played on the ipad. Though they don’t accomplish much outside of playing guitar and walking through a few rooms, one shot films are hard enough as it is. To have the ambition to then couple that with a stop motion short of over 500 images of women holding said ipad each with a single frame of the one-shot video is just genius.

And on top of that, the wonderful editing that has gone into making the transitions in and out of the ipad film perfectly smooth makes my heart smile.

That there are still people dedicated to the art of music video making, not afraid to put in some hard work, and on top of that, they can be found in my home town! Brilliant.

Apr 19
Mar 14

Seven Nation Army by Marcus Collins

Speaking of the White Stripes (like 3 weeks ago…), 7 Nation Army has to be one of the most covered songs in history (ok, maybe not in all of history… that’s probably Stairway to Heaven or something by The Beatles).

I’ve said before that cover songs are my jam and this one is definitely a keeper. It is simplistic enough but works the minimalism so well that, combined with a darling voice and a curve ball take on a well known song, and I’m happy to watch this for a full 3 minutes.

I’ve got to say, that although it can get hugely boring and cliche to set up an edit exactly on each beat of the music, when done well, the technique can make a video flow so naturally that you don’t even notice it. And above is a perfect example. Watch again and pay close attention. Sometimes it’s not a full jump cut but just a little pulse. It all just fits and flows so well.

And to top it off, the choreography is brilliant. And even more so that until the last 30 seconds, it’s only choreography is of arms and hands! But they make such an impact, such a statement with only fingers, arms, wrists, nails and a tiny bit of jewelry to the likes of which I’ve never seen before.

Combine this all with a perfectly palleted atmosphere and hit the reply button.

(p.s sorry about YouTube allowing ads on embedded videos these days).


Mar 06

Lego House by Ed Sheeran

One for the Rupert Grint fans.. so one for everyone!

I seriously love this video. Wait, back up. I seriously love Ed Sheeran. And he’s not even my usual thing but he looks like a red-headed Patrick Stump and for that reason alone I can’t dislike him. On top of that, he is a crazy talented musician and makes some great videos.

So for Lego House, our hero Ed got the world’s most famous sidekick - who kind of looks like him - to play the role of Ed Sheeran. Or does he? I really, really don’t want to spoil the story for you becuase as well as being beautiful and weird, it had me chuckling for quite a while. So watch the video first ok.

So now that you’ve watched it, you’re chuckling too no doubt. It’s a great premise having another person/actor play you in a music video but it has been seen before. Whether it’s done with a montage of people or just the one. The look-a-like with another famous person is not something I’ve seen before but it’s a great ploy. Not only just because it’s fun but it’ll draw in both Ed Sheeran and Harry Potter/Ruper Grint audiences. However, the kicker comes when it’s reveal that there’s more to this clip than meets the eye. Yes, it’s a music video transformer.

Rupert is a crazy Ed Sheeran fan too! And spends his days acting like the up and coming music superstar, singing Ed’s songs, playing Ed’s guitar, taking Ed’s fans.

It’s such a great little storyline for a music video and one of my favourites so far this year.


Feb 23

Love Interruption by Jack White

The White Stripes have always been fairly artistic in their video making. Namely the obvious, 7 Nation Army is a visual delight.

Jack’s solo music has taken him a thousand different directions but it’s this bluesy, soulful rock that I think he does best. And this song (for me) is the pinnacle of that. I adore this song. I want it all around me at all times.

The clip on the other hand is a little disappointing. A good premise initially; the beautiful 50’s, Supremes-type styling is perfect and though I don’t feel like any of the women - except for the singer - are featured enough, of course the main focus of the video is (and should be) on Jack White himself.

The downfalls are firstly the setting and secondly the effects.

The clip looks as though it’s filmed in a singular 3 walled room with curtains draping down each side. And it IS filmed in a singular 3 walled room with curtains draping down each side, but it’s not good that it LOOKS like it. And it just comes through as a little lazy to me. This song could have gone over so well in a dark jazz lounge. You wouldnt have even needed an audience. A small stage and some red velvet would have given the music video that little extra bit of warmth and grandeur and added to the 1950’s feel that comes through in the costuming.

The “effects” used (for lack of better word) don’t seem thought out at all. The constant transitions in and out of focus do not add anything to this clip. It could have been filmed a little soft as a whole and it would have looked alright, but the multiple shifts between sharp and blurred images are a cheap way to make it look like something exciting is happening.

That all sounds a little harsh but when I find a song I adore, I always hope the accompanying video lives up to the music and it hurts when it doesn’t.


Feb 03

Stupid Hoe by Nicki Minaj

You may go into a seizure watching this clip. That is if you don’t have a brain aneurysm from listening to the completely asinine lyrics. Don’t get me wrong, Super Bass eventually grew on me but there is no way I can keep up my fleeting Nicki Minaj love affair if the next thing she releases is this.

Amazing that a Nicki Minaj clip directed by Hype Williams would be banned by Black Entertainment Television (BET) - and moreso, without them giving a reason… Some reports are saying it’s too explicit - but really, is it the nudity any worse then a myriad of other clips we’ve seen? Is the fact that it’s terrible a valid enough reason to ban it?

I spent the whole video being blinded by the colours and attempting to work out if she’s trying to emulate Beyonce, or Lil Kim, or Lady Gaga, or Missy Elliot. But never fear, Nicki clears it up for us at the end…

And the “I am the female Weezy” last line… probably not something to be proud of. But can I have it as my text message tone?


Jan 24

Oh Well, That’s What You Get For Falling In Love With A Cowboy by Lanie Lane

A quick one for you guys today!

While this is not one of my fave clips, or even fave songs, I do like the direction it’s going. And I want to support some local Sydney music (and local Sydney bars, as this was filmed at Shady Pines in Sydney’s Darlinghurst - definitely a favourite for tequila and peanuts).

And honestly, that’s the main thing this clip has going for it. The setting.

The rave lighting is a bit much but it is a very dark underground little watering hole so I understand the need to brighten the place without losing the density and complexity or the venue. On the other hand, the smoke really dampens the depth of the image.

All up, it’s probably a bit much to ask an audience to watch almost 3 minutes of one girl, one dude and little bit of mehcanical bull. But for a first video with (I’m assuming) a small budget it’s done fairly well - and suits the song perfectly.


Jan 06
Jan 05


Happy New Year Vidz-ites!!! Hope you all had a splendid holiday season filled with fun, food and those amazingly-crappy jokes that come in bon-bons.

Something quick and cheery to brighten your day. And before you ask; no, I don’t know what you just watched either.

This gem comes to us from the mythical beast that is Japan-land. I’m not even sure if “Babymetal” is the band or the song title - but boy do I like it! Only the Japanese could produce something this awesome, a hardcore metal song that somwhere transforms seemlesly into a J-Pop hit. And don’t tell me you didn’t want to hit repeat once it ended.

As always, translations are welcome (real or made up).